Price Reduction

• posted on Sep 21 18

AV Pro Edge

CEDIA Specials

• posted on Sep 14 18

from AV Pro Edge
Just Added to
Steals & Deals


Coming Soon

• posted on Sep 11 18

XTSPlus Wall-Mounted
Color Touchscreen
from Russound

Professional Audio Associates

Steals & Deals

• posted on Sep 04 18

The URC MX-890
& Deals from Russound


Introducing the New

• posted on Aug 29 18

More power. More possibilities.
Coming Soon from SONOS


Professional Custom TV
Installation & Calibration

• posted on Aug 16 18

Sign up and work smarter with LG Electronics.
The Reach LG portal is your "one-stop shop"
with the CAD drawings, spec sheets, user manuals
and training modules your business needs to help
make every job a success.


Go Further,
Be the First

• posted on Aug 16 18

JVC at CEDIA Expo 2018

Sound United

IMPORTANT ‐ Firmware Update

• posted on Aug 16 18

for Denon/Marantz AVRs
bug fix and timeline


LG TV Training at CEDIA

• posted on Aug 13 18

Product/Technology details,
plus learn how to calibrate an LG TV in 15 minutes

Music Hall Audio

The All New mmf-9.3 in Walnut

• posted on Aug 10 18

from Music Hall Audio

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