Onkyo TX-NR1009 9.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver Review

• posted on Jan 31 12

As seen on Home Theater.com


Check out the latest from Tannoy

• posted on Jan 24 12

TFX 5.1 : Tannoy’s best-ever budget sound system for 3D & HD movies!


Shattering the Cost Barrier Again

• posted on Jan 24 12

Check out the latest news from ZeeVee


LG Pentouch

• posted on Jan 09 12

Don’t apologize for wanting everything from a TV. Get it, and a lot more, with the LG PZ850 3D 1080p PenTouch TV from LG. Feast your eyes on a THX-certified 3D picture that will bring you your entertainment like never before. The PZ850 also features LG’s unique PenTouch touchscreen technology with such features as the Interactive Sketchbook.


LG EzSign

• posted on Jan 09 12

Take a look at the exciting new EzSign product from LG


Sonos adds new Android Control and new music service, Slacker

• posted on Nov 30 11

Sonos releases a new Android Tablet interface and adds Slacker Radio to its list of online music services. For more details click the link

Proficient Audio

Watch The New Proficient ZERO Wireless Video

• posted on Oct 20 11

Click the link to check out the video


URC Tech Bulletin Fixing Remote Connectivity

• posted on Oct 10 11

URC sent along a tech bulletin featuring information on troubleshooting and fixing remote connectivity problems. Click the link to read the document

Parasound Halo

The CD1 from Parasound Halo Coming Soon

• posted on Oct 03 11

(Direct Dealers Only)The new Parasound CD 1 is the ultimate instrument for playing CDs. It employs modern technology to elevate CD playback to a higher level, with a musical presence and life that is immediately audible. Traditional CD drives, regardless of price, are inefficient at extracting data from a CD. They are all limited by the same 1982 Red Book CD technology. Compromises inherent in CD player "error concealment" result in several types of distortions and prevent you from hearing how wonderful your CDs can actually sound. The CD 1 frees your CD collection from the limitations of CD player technology with a radically different approach developed over the past three years by Holm Acoustics in Denmark. Click to read more


Complete Line of Audio Video Solutions from Peerless

• posted on Oct 03 11

Click the link to find out more about the complete line of audio video solutions from Peerless

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