Get CBS Radio stations back on Sonos

• posted on Aug 24 11

One of our dealers recently let us know that CBS radio stations, like 98.5 The Sports Hub were no longer listed on Sonos, click the link for instructions on getting them back for you and your customers


An important message regarding Sonos on Mac OSX Lion

• posted on Jul 22 11

The Sonos Quality Team has released an important message regarding Sonos functionality with the newest version of the Mac OSX 10.7 Lion. Click the link for details

Transformative Engineering

New HDBaseT HDMI Baluns available at Pro Audio

• posted on Jun 29 11

We are pleased to announce that we will be carrying products from Transformative Engineering. They feature a small but incredibly versatile selection of A/V baluns. Including their HDMI balun that uses the latest HDBaseT technology. Click the link to find out more


New to PAA: Ciil

• posted on Jun 24 11

New environmentally sealed TV's from Ciil coming soon to PAA


6 Bold New Products from ZeeVee

• posted on Jun 23 11

ZeeVee shatters the barrier to HD video distribution...again. Click the link to check out 6 exciting new products from ZeeVee


Russound Product Firmware Updates Available

• posted on Jun 20 11

Firmware updates for the following Russound models are now available online. The Russound MCA-C3 2.00.02, MCA-C5 3.00.02, and the MDK-C5 5.00.03. Click the link to find out more


UCube USB Speakers from Ultralink's UFi division

• posted on Jun 15 11

Click the link to check out the exciting new speaker product from Ultralink/UFi.


Check out videos for the great new LG Cinema 3D and Smart TV features

• posted on Jun 15 11

Click the link to see more


The new HD Flow Wall Shelf from Peerless

• posted on May 27 11

The sleek HD Flow Wall Shelf is a must-have accessory that allows the HD Flow receiver (HDS-100) to be placed in a horizontal orientation above or below the TV. Click the link for more details


10% OFF
Select URC Remotes*

• posted on May 24 11

Now thru May 31st
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