Wednesday April 3, 2013 - 9 AM - 5 PM

at Hourly Trainings and Demonstrations
with Q&A time with Vendor Representatives
LG's Ultra HD 2K 84" TV
the possibilities of Digital Signage with LG's EzSign TV's
opportunities with Commercial Sales Strategies
HD over COAX with ZV Digital Modualation Solutions
with Wireless HDMI Distribution
at HDbaseT for Bullet-proof HDMI over CAT5e/6
delicious local cuisine

Our objective is to provide attendees a forum to discuss alternative strategies for generating additional revenue in 2013!

PLEASE RSVP BY TUESDAY MARCH 26TH, 2013 to Jack Maroney.

We look forward to seeing you!


First Floor

Presented by: Mike Hickman, Sales Manager Eastern Regional Distribution and Brad Streets, Training Specialist

Classes: 9:30 to 11:00 | 11:00 to 12:30 | 12:30 to 2:00 | 2:00 to 3:30 | 3:30 to 5:00

  • 84LM9600 2K4K, Ultra HD Display and Technology
    • 3840 x 2180 Native Display
    • Next Generation Cinema 3D Technology
    • Easy access to nearly limitless content via Smart TV
  • EZ Sign Digital Signage HD Television
    • USB, Wireless, RS-232, 2 year warranty
    • 1920x1080 Resolution
    • Digital Signage Function with Free Software
    • Public Display Settings - Cloning Capable
    • EcoSmart™ Energy Saving Levels
    • Wireless content upload with optional Wi-Fi dongle (LT and LS series only)
    • Pro:Centric™ ST
  • New LG Google TV
    • LG's impressive Magic Remote QWERTY. Simple gesture control takes your on-screen cursor from the newest movie releases to every friend on Facebook. With a full built-in keyboard, you've got all you need to share the excitement.
    • Voice Recognition Feature. By speaking into your Magic Remote QWERTY you can now watch TV shows and movies, open applications, find YouTube videos, visit websites and much more
    • LG Google TV's L9 Dual Processor delivers the speed you need to do more than you ever imagined
  • Future Products
    • 55" OLED HDTV
    • 100" Laser TV
      • Projector: Ultra-Short-throw Laser Based Lamp
      • 100" Custom Screen

Second Floor Conference Room

Presented by: Stan Biel, National Training Manager and Rochelle Mingus, Account Executive

Classes: Two Seminars during the morning and again in the afternoon.

  • Morning and Afternoon First Training Seminar : Digital Signage
    • Mitsubishi Monitors
    • Manager Express Software Program
    • Sales Strategies for Digital Signage
    • Full 1920 x 1080 native resolution
    • Central Management Through LAN or WAN
    • Supports RSS Feeds
    • Free Management Software
    • Easy to use, Easy to install
    • Linux based OS
    • 24/7 Scheduling
  • Morning and Afternoon Second Training Seminar : Mitsubishi Projectors
    • Data: 700, 7000, 8000 Series
    • New LaserVue/Solid State Projectors
    • New WD-390U-EST Ultra Short Throw Projector with Thin Client/Sidepad/WiFi Doc Mobile Device
    • Home Theater: HC4000, HC5, HC7900DW, HC8000D

Second Floor Demonstration Room

Presented by: Sally Halpin, Eastern Regional Sales Director

Classes: Every hour on the hour.

Smarter, High-Density HD Video Distribution Over Coax ZeeVee Box and HDbridge introduced simple, cost effective, manageable deployment of digital video over existing coax. Now it's time for you to meet their big brothers! After 2 years of intensive R&D, we are proud to introduce the most powerful, most intelligent HDbridge yet. HDbridge 2000 Series encoder / modulators, are specifically built to answer the call for:

  • Easy upgrade path from analog to digital
  • Simpler deployments
  • Reduced rack space
  • Improved signal performance
  • Broadcast of several channels per RF frequency
  • Ability to manage an entire headend locally and remotely in one step

We'll introduce you to the entire HDbridge 2000 Series: HDb2640, HDb2620, HDb2540, HDb2520 and HDb2380.

Second Floor Demonstration Room

Presented by: Andrew Vloyanetes, Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Demonstrations: Every hour on the hour.

  • 5.1 Surround Sound demonstration featuring
    • PLAYBAR - Left, Center, Right: The soundbar for music lovers
    • SUB - LFE Channel: Soul-shaking sound. Heart-pounding design. One-button setup
    • PLAY:3 - Surround Left and Right: The smaller, sexier, tuck in a corner and blow out the roof, all-in-one HiFi music player
  • Stream music from:
    • Songza, Amazon: cloud player, Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM, TuneIn, Rhapsody, 7digital, MOG, and moreā€¦

Second Floor Demonstration Room

Presented by: Howard Lerner, Regional Sales Manager Northeast US/Eastern Canada and Mike Luttrell, Corporate Trainer

Classes: Every hour on the hour.

At Peerless-AV, we consider a "solution" to be more than the product itself. A true solution encompasses how the product is made, how it gets to you and the service you receive. We devote care and attention to every element of our AV solutions so we can fulfill the sum total of your needs.

  • Ciil from Peerless Environmental HDTV on display
  • Wireless HDMI via HDFlow
    • Full HD 1080p (60Hz) (24/30/60 fps) and passive 3D signal flow, ideal for ultra-fast signal streaming
    • Long range, high-quality streaming up to 131ft (40m) with no reduction of picture quality
    • Multicast up to four HD Flow™ Pro Wireless Receivers*
    • Instant real-time transmission of Full HD media
    • Transmits through walls and ceilings for multi-room streaming capability
    • The HD Flow™ Pro (802.11n) private network resists interference and network sharing from nearby wireless routers
    • Built-in IR does not require line-of-sight placement to control source devices such as DVR/set-top box, satellite box, Blu-ray®/DVD player, media server, VCR, game console
    • Plug and play setup requires no software or driver installation
    • Transmits HD broadcast quality signals to an unlimited number of HDTV's within a 350 foot radius
    • LAN port provided for access to internal settings
    • LAN port connects device to local area network via Cat5 cabling for signal transfer
  • PeerAir™ Wireless HD Multimedia System
    • Stream Full HD 1080p and 3D content wirelessly up to 100ft (30m)*
    • HDMI pass-through feature allows hard-wired connection to a second HDTV
    • Connects up to 2 HDMI devices such as Blu-ray™ player, set-top box, gaming console, etc.
    • USB Gaming/PC Port wirelessly connects computer to gaming controller, keyboard or mouse
    • Zero latency (<1ms) enables instant gaming response
    • Support 5.1 digital audio
    • IR functionality allows remote control of AV devices when stored out of sight
    • Transmitter and Receiver can be placed on tabletop or mounted to a wall

Second Floor Demonstration Room

Presented by: Scott Russak, Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Classes: Every hour on the hour.

TOA's broad product range is ideal for applications in arenas, boardrooms, casinos, school halls/auditoriums, restaurants, retail outlets, houses of worship.

  • Commercial Audio Solutions
  • 70 Volt Instruction and Q&A

Second Floor Demonstration Room

Presented by: Rick Swenson, Principal, Audio Pros

Classes: Every hour on the hour.

Electro-voice features Power Amplifiers, Microphones, and Architectural Outdoor Speakers for Commercial Audio Installations. 70 Volt installation introduction and Q&A.

Second Floor

Presented by: Jay Trieber, President

Classes: Every hour on the hour.

As Transformative Engineering enters its second year, the company is already delivering two market-leading products that have been well received by custom installers and systems integrators. In addition, several distributors have also purchased these products for relabeling under their own brand names. Transformative Engineering's line includes one of the first applications of the increasingly popular HDBase-T standard, which facilitates the cost-effective distribution of a variety of video, audio, and multimedia data formats across large residential and commercial structures.

The compelling features of HDBaseT technology include:

  • Uncompressed video/audio up to 10.2 Gbps
  • Maximum cable length of 100m, including support of multiple hops, up to 8 x 100m
  • Low cost standard Cat5e/6 LAN cable
  • Utilizes a standard RJ-45 connector
  • Supplies up to 100W of power - which can be utilized to power a remote TV
  • Support for 100Mbps Ethernet
  • Easy installation utilizing existing in-wall Ethernet connectivity
  • USB support
  • Supports HDCP
  • Networking support including extended-range daisy chain and star topologies

Second Floor

Presented by: Tom McCarthy, Vice President of OEM & Distributor Sales

Classes: Every hour on the hour.

Kramer Electronics is committed to developing creative, reliable and value-oriented audio, video and computer signal processing solutions and distributing them worldwide with an uncompromising level of service and support. Following this philosophy guided us to celebrate our 28th anniversary in 2009, and by keeping our eyes on these goals we have successfully navigated often tumultuous industry waters throughout those 28 years. By continuing to follow this philosophy we will no doubt be successful for many years to come.

*All details subject to change. Call Professional Audio with any questions.

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