New Updates Available for Russound Products

Russound is pleased to announce that new firmware is now available for the folllowing products:

Russound Firmware Updates

Please note that all MCA-Series Controllers with firmware version 3.01.02 or higher and any XStream Series products with firmware version 6.01.02 or higher are set by default to automatically update their firmware whenever new firmware becomes available. If you did not modify this setting, the devices will automatically receive all firmware updates and no further action needs to be taken.

Automatic firmware updates will occur at the time specified in their individual WebConfig settings and all devices will receive the updates automatically within approximately 1-2 weeks from the date of this announcement.


Key New Features/Improvements

Configuration Password No Longer Enabled by Default

The biggest difference that you will notice in the new firmware is that we have listened to your feedback and modified our Configuration Password settings so that the Configuration Password is NOT enabled by default. The configuration password can be enabled in the "System Settings" section of Web Config. If you would like to use the Configuration Password, you must enable it in the settings menu after this firmware update.

SiriusXM for Business Timeout Removed

SiriusXM accounts are required to time out and stop playing after approximately 8 hours without any activity from the user. SiriusXM for Business accounts are excluded from this requirement and Russound streaming devices require this firmware update to handle this properly. Note: this update resolves all issues for all SiriusXM for Business accounts in the United States. There is an ongoing issue with some Canadian SiriusXM for Business accounts that is still being resolved by SiriusXM for Business. To our Canadian customers: once your Russound streaming devices have this firmware update, this issue is expected to be resolved automatically as soon as SiriusXM for Business in Canada corrects an issue on their side.

Spotify Code Update

This new firmware update implements a newer Spotify code library that will extend the compatibility of Russound products with Spotify. All of these changes are internal and will not be noticeable by end users.

For information on manually updating firmware and a comprehensive summary of the firmware update, please refer to the documents available in the zipped firmware update file available in the Russound Certified Installer section on the Russound Portal. Access to this section is only available to Russound Certified Installers.

Russound Certifified Installer Required

Updates also available for the X5 and DMS-3.1

Russound is also making new firmware available for our legacy products, the X5 and DMS-3.1 which include the SiriusXM for Business and Spotify code updates. Please note that neither the X5 nor the DMS-3.1 have automatic updates as a feature. Russound recommends the new firmware version only for X5 and DMS-3.1 installations where SiriusXM for Business is in use or if a customer has any reported issue with Spotify playback.


Eager for Your Feedback

The best way for Russound to help you grow your business is for us to get feedback from you on ways that we can improve our products and our service to you. For product ideas or feature requests, please send an email to For any ideas regarding our customer service, sales policies, or business initiatives, please email those to Thank you in advance for sending us your feedback.

Thank you for your support of Russound and its products.

Jun 08 17 PAA News

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