Bose Introduces New Amplifiers with Bose® AmpLink

CAT 5-based digital audio connectivity for PowerMatch®, PowerShare and FreeSpace® amps

Amplifiers with Bose AmpLink

Bose Professional introduces four new amplifier models and one new amplifier accessory, integrating Bose AmpLink digital audio transport. The new models include two PowerShare amplifiers, the PS604A and the new PS404A, two FreeSpace® ZA 2120 amplifiers and one PowerMatch® AmpLink input card. AmpLink is a new Bose digital audio distribution solution for use between Bose processors and amplifiers. It is designed to pipe audio between equipment in racks, with up to 10 m (32 feet) cable lengths between connections. Each AmpLink termination point features a THRU connection for daisy-chaining up to eight devices. AmpLink will debut in the soon to be released ControlSpace® EX-1280C conferencing processor, and together with these new AmpLink-equipped amplifiers, creates a high-quality digital audio option for PowerMatch, PowerShare, and FreeSpace amplifiers. The new amplifier models and AmpLink are available now.

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Dec 06 17 PAA News

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