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Monthly Webinar: Wednesday, February 28th

Join us for our second webinar as part of our new monthly webinar series. This month, we're going to have some great guest speakers from Sonos to talk all about Sonos Accounts. Learn more about why we introduced Sonos Accounts, what it means for you and how we're trying to make things as seamless as possible for you. You can also help us learn more about what this transition has been like and how we can continue to optimize our efforts to make you more efficient.

Just like last month, we'll have an open Q&A as well for you to bring up anything that you'd like. We hope to see you tomorrow!

What: Sonos February Dealer Webinar

Topic: Sonos Accounts and more

When: Wednesday, February 28th 11am-12pm est

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iPort xPRESS Audio Keypad - New Features

Our certified partner iPort really hit a home run with the introduction of the xPRESS Audio Keypad. Since its introduction back in 2017, it's been a hit with our shared customers and those of you that are familiar with it. If you haven't heard, we're happy to share that our friends at iPort have just taken things to a whole new level. Here's some new functionality that is now shipping:

  1. INDIVIDUAL VOLUME CONTROL: Now you can choose whether your Keypad is a group volume controller or individual Sonos device volume controller.
  2. SELECTED MY SONOS FAVORITE MUSIC: Select a short list of My Sonos to program to each Keypad which allows you to play My Sonos that are best suited for each room in the house. For instance, ensure that only kids music can be accessed by the Keypad in the kid's room. You can also re-order favorites to create an order that makes sense for each keypad.

  3. SCENES: Activate Scenes like "party mode" that group together Sonos devices, set volume levels and play your favorite playlist all from just ONE long-press of the STAR button on your keypad. With Scenes, you can take your Sonos experience to the next level by simplifying your Sonos set up for the moments that matter most to you throughout your day.

If you haven't checked out the xPRESS Audio Keypad yet, we strongly recommend that you do. Especially with the new Scenes functionality; that's something many of you have been asking about for years. Try out xPRESS Keypads with Sonos Connect and Connect:Amp Installs for convenient Keypads anywhere in the house. Learn more here.

Sonos 'TWO' Bundle

Sonos One Bundle End Date

As communicated last week, the Sonos One Bundle end date will be at 11:59PM EST on Saturday, March 10th. We ask that you return the soft bundle to its regular retail price (SURP) of $398 based on the single Sonos One price of $199 at that time.

The trailing credit submission process will begin on March 10th and you will have until end of day March 30th to submit for your credit. A follow up communication will be sent around March 10th removing the bundle from the SURP product promotions list and will include the link to the trailing credit portal. The process and portal will be a very straight forward submission process without the need to submit individual invoices. Please find here some additional details and please reach out to your Sonos Account Manager with any questions.

Sonos Software Version 8.4 & More

As part of today's software version 8.4 update, we've included a new inbox within the Sonos App. Located under the More tab, this is where owners can receive helpful tips on making the most of their Home Sound System. Learn more about today's release here. For today's software update and Sonos software updates in general, there are a few tips we'd like to share in the event you're doing installations on software update days or have customers that run into any issues.

  1. On software launch days, there are specific time windows when installers must manually update customers Sonos App before adding Sonos players or setting up a Sonos Household.
  2. iOS devices cache their "current" app versions every 24 hours, so on software launch days, the new Sonos App doesn't appear until the installer does a manual refresh in their device's App Store. This is expected and you should do a manual refresh.
  3. For a few hours on software launch days, Google Android devices can show an "update not available for your device" message in the Sonos App. As with iOS, during this time, installers can go to their Google Play Store and update the Sonos App manually, and then add Sonos players or set up a new Sonos Household.

January Survey Results and February Survey

Our January Survey was focused on Commercial installs and yielded some interesting results; while we knew that Sonos was showing up in Commercial settings, we did not realize that Play:1 was the favored All-In-One speaker for those spaces. Also interesting to see the commercial spaces the channel is focused on. Restaurants, Corporate Spaces, and Health Services Offices all came back with response rates of 60%+ when doing a Commercial install.

A big win for Amos Cook of Surreal Systems in Anaheim, CA. He won Sonos product last month for his participation. Want to win your own Sonos? Participate in Februarys survey!

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