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Russound New IC-Series of Ceiling Speakers

Now Shipping!
New IC-Series of Ceiling Speakers

We're very excited to announce that our much anticipated new lineup of ceiling speakers is now shipping! The IC-Series replaces the current RSF-and RSA-series of Russound speakers and offers new advances in sound quality, performance, aesthetics and ease of installation.

Focused on Sound

While you'll notice a lot of new features as soon as you see these latest Russound speaker models, what will impress you the most will be the stunning sound quality that is present in all of the models from our flagship IC-630 with its titanium tweeter and its vapor-deposited titanium woofer all the way through the line to our IC-610, the new and improved version of our extremely popular RSF-610 speaker.

With all of the new models using advanced integrated baffle/woofer baskets for unmatched rigidity and dampening to the use of a new inverted parabolic surround to improve the linearity and efficiency of each and every woofer in the line, your ears are going to love the new IC-Series speakers from Russound.  Best of all, these features are available in every one of the models, from the entry-level IC-610 designed for background listening in any room of the home, all the way up to our flagship IC-630, designed to go head-to-head with any other competitor's premium model.

Dedicated to Installation

In addition to offering a huge improvement in sound quality, the brand new IC-Series speaker lineup was also designed with the installer in mind.

First, Russound realizes how important it is to plan loudspeaker installations well in advance so the new line is designed to be a drop-in replacement for any jobs that might have been specified or planned with any of our previous models. The new IC-Series uses the same hole cutout sizes and most importantly, uses the same new construction brackets. Because of that, transitioning to the new speakers for new jobs is quick and easy, and upgrading any existing jobs with the new models is a simple drop-in using the same hole cutout or bracket!

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