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Do You Remember Your First NAD?

In celebration of NAD's 45th anniversary, we've set out to collect stories from our fans about the first time they discovered the sound of NAD. After reading stories from hundreds of people, we decided to visit some of their homes and capture their stories on film. The narratives that follow-from different people around the world-all demonstrate NAD's lasting impact on music lovers and audiophiles alike. An ongoing series, My First NAD gives an intimate look into the lives of NAD's truest fans, uncovering why our products continue to be a rite of passage to the world of hi-fi. For this episode, we head out to London, England.

Stefan Gershater

Stefan grew up in rural West Sussex, England. A lifelong lover of jazz and blues, Stefan purchased his first NAD component, the NAD C 340, at the recommendation of What Hi-Fi?. After owning the C 340 for more than a decade, Stefan upgraded to the NAD C 375 which he still owns today.

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